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Why is litecoin going down today

why is litecoin going down today

We are going through a time in history in which some radical changes in current financial structures and the way money and currency functions are about to. Is China Pressuring Hong Kong to Crack Down on Cryptocurrency? price prediction: LTC to return above $57 analyst Litecoin Price, Moving Average. Litecoin Foundation Partners With TokenPay to Acquire 10% Stake in German Bank *Start Mining Today and Start Accumulating and Growing your Crypto.

Why is litecoin going down today

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Где грань? Новичок, есть опыт, профи, мастер в крипте? Роль страны в криптовалюте. Это союзник либо враг? Trust wallet. Комментарий: Seems like we have entered another consolidation stage; similar to that we had between before breaking Except this time it is possibly between I think we should resume uptrend on Wednesday. Up up chicken. Комментарий: Looking good.

Комментарий: Getting closer and close to the top of the flag. Комментарий: LTC is back to business as usual. Комментарий: People worrying about correction now are wasting their time. We have legs to go on. With all the new money flow from Chicago Exchanges Futures trading in December it will only go up taking us up with it.

But bears gotta bear. Комментарий: I should make it clear that the BTC correction if and when it does happen is not going to be as bad as everyone expects it to be. Комментарий: Step by step we will go to the moon. Комментарий: Some fiat pairs are trading above Hodling intensifies. Комментарий: Going to sleep now. Litecoin is on the verge of a new all time high, and very likely a repeat of last years growth. Due to Bitcoin taking up alts. The future is bright. Комментарий: This is the log and linear chart next to each other for reference in the future.

Комментарий: Well. The longer we stay in This sideways action the bigger break out. The market is in favor of long positions. BTC will take us up with her. Комментарий: Still expect shake downs. On the way up. Комментарий: This may come in handy.

Комментарий: Cross over is near. Korea is at Комментарий: Korea is at Комментарий: Korea at Комментарий: We are not done with this rally. People saying it is going to s are straight up fear mongering. Worst case dip is upper 80s; best case lower 90s but honestly I doubt we will see much of those prices. I think we will keep going up. Just gotta murder some more bears on our way up that is all that means. Комментарий: Entering another consolidating zone similar to the one we had at and Комментарий: LOL.

All of these people posting about how they left the market on reddit. Trying to get others to leave along with them. Zero ethics with these sharks. It is truly disgusting. Комментарий: Enough reddit for me tonight. I am going to sleep. Next update in the morning. Комментарий: Yep. Just as I thought. The whole market is bullish. No correction will be occurring soon.

Комментарий: We still are likely to have pull backs on the way up. Be aware, these pull backs are not corrections. Комментарий: Hodl! Комментарий: If it goes sub That is all I can say. Комментарий: Meant to write tip instead of dip. Комментарий: Alright we got some plebs telling people to short when everyone is winning. Fucking greedy bastards. Комментарий: We will probably set new all time highs in U.

Комментарий: Going AFK. Back in an hour. Whales are likely still accumulating. Комментарий: Getting bored of reading the same bears comments on reddit. God damn. What a bunch of fucking noobs. This type of shit pisses me off more than it should. They push this fake narrative on people; literally scum.

We gotta mace bears for good. We will continue to move up. Комментарий: Chart should pull itself back together now that we have started the next day candle stick. Stoch is still trending down but RSI is trending up. Комментарий: Korea is back up in the high 90s.

We are in the high 80s. We should catch up to them like a day ago. Комментарий: Korea touched briefly. I think we will go up. No reason to be bear now. Not after that dip. Комментарий: For the record we have already hit our end of the year targets earlier than expect. Комментарий: PSAR bullish on 1hr chart. If LTC keeps its 0. And also bulls are still in charge because we are above the teal line. Комментарий: We broke it meaning support has been confirmed.

Комментарий: Odds are when the fan is complete the handle on the bullish cup and handle pattern on the day chart will be complete. Комментарий: Progress on the ltc fan. Комментарий: OBV still looking good. Комментарий: 4hr chart speaks for itself. Комментарий: 1hr chart progress. Комментарий: PSAR now bullish on the 1hr chart. Комментарий: BTC fan for comparison.

Комментарий: Fans coming along nicely. Комментарий: indicators point up on the 4h chart. Комментарий: If BTC breaks 11k and stays above it. Prepare you rocket ships. Комментарий: As I initially thought. The day chart MACD slope should remain positive, meaning a crossover may not occur; meaning the day chart is still bullish. Stoch RSI almost ready too. The price action the past few days was probably for a shake and bake. Комментарий: Generally a bullish sign when 3 rare doji stars appear on a 12hr chart.

Комментарий: Last time one of these appeared was way back at k. Комментарий: It is slicing through those Gann Fans like butter. Комментарий: Week chart. Комментарий: Same deal with BTC. Комментарий: 1hr chart. Those fans are getting closer. Комментарий: This year. Комментарий: PSAR now bullish on the 4hr chart. Комментарий: BTC is next. Then I am going to assume everything is going to go up. Комментарий: 12hr chart MACD turning bullish. Комментарий: 6hr PSAR now bullish.

Комментарий: Lets get to our target before selling. Комментарий: Big Picture. Комментарий: 15min setting up for second push. Комментарий: Charge! Комментарий: Yeah!!! Комментарий: 12hr chart says it is very likely. Комментарий: PSAR on the day chart now bullish! Комментарий: up up chicken. Комментарий: Going to bed. Комментарий: It is very likely we keep moving up.

Комментарий: 1hr chart setting up. For more upward moves :. Комментарий: We are very likely consolidating around s just like we did during the 85s. Playing the dollar or 3 swings is not worth it. Комментарий: The next day candle starts in 2ish hours. Price could be being lowered to make the following day candlestick easier to turn green. Комментарий: We have started the new day candle. Комментарий: Basically Sunday or Monday we should see move.

Комментарий: Just gotta break these new fans. Комментарий: And I have a good feeling that once the next week candle starts chart is going to boom. Комментарий: Note next week candle starts on Monday. Soo the more we hangout up here Комментарий: What have progressed along the fans.

Комментарий: If you lack imagination. Then let me imagine for you. This means we are set to for new highs. Do not for get to manage risk. Aside from that HODL. It is the best course of action. No experience some of these newbs. Комментарий: We have started the new week candle. Here is the new Gann fan we have to break before more upside. I think we will brake it without a problem.

Back in 8ish hrs. If we keep consolidating near s Комментарий: Chart is doing more consolidating. Just another good sign.

Why is litecoin going down today как перевести с рнкб на киви кошелек


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Third, the Litecoin price has dropped because of the overall weakness in Bitcoin prices. In most periods, the major currencies usually have a close correlation. Fourth, LTC price has declined because of central bank decisions. This week, the Bank of Canada started tightening. Finally, there are concerns about tough regulations and higher capital gains taxes in the United States. The daily chart shows that the LTC price has been in a steep downward trend recently.

This has seen it drop below the It is also between the lower and middle lines of the Bollinger Bands. The bands themselves have widened, which is a sign that volatility is increasing. Therefore, in my view, while the correction is continuing, the LTC remains in a bullish trend. Bitcoin is slower and more expensive to use compared to Litecoin. The fact that Litecoin is fast and cheap has advantages, especially since people in third world countries without bank accounts can still get Litecoin cheaply and quickly.

Litecoin is a superior alternative to fiat money when compared to Ethereum. Ethereum was not developed as money, but it can certainly be used as such. You could rather consider Ethereum to be crypto gas. In addition, Ethereum is a much more difficult concept to grasp than Litecoin. Litecoin is just digital p2p money with a built-in scarcity that actually works faster as a transaction medium. This makes adoption much easier and does not require much knowledge.

Simply install the wallet app on your smartphone, and you will have your own Swiss Litecoin bank account with which you can actually conduct transactions almost immediately. As the popularity and price of Bitcoin increase and, therefore, the transaction costs rise, cheaper and faster alternatives will be sought. This is Litecoin, baby. Via the Remesas remittance platform, foreigners can send Litecoin to family members and friends in Venezuela who receive Bolivars in their local bank account through Remesas.

Another interesting fact is that the Litecoin Foundation has a 9. Litecoin can thus be recognized in the long-term as a possible cryptocurrency for buying real estate in Germany? Despite it not being a bullish period for cryptocurrencies until around October , Litecoin has performed reasonably well compared to its competitors.

Charlie Lee is clearly doing really well; he finally introduced confidential transactions CT. The acceptance rate is also quite high. Very recently, the Litecoin logo was even advertised on the UFC mat during a famous fight. It was a real eye-catcher. Furthermore, a new shopping center in Singapore with an ATM that accepts both Bitcoin and Litecoin has been installed. LTC price prediction is very optimistic in the opinion of experts. Experts expect the Litecoin future to be bright in due to all integrations and partnerships.

In addition, the Litecoin community is very active, with all the upcoming developments. They will, of course, keep the enthusiasts informed. There is a clear potential that Litecoin will rise further and is certainly a tough competitor for the other cryptos. What will Litecoin do in the next 5 years? The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, which means that predicting reliable prices of cryptocurrencies is indeed one of the most difficult things to do.

George Tung, one of the most respected cryptocurrency analysts, bet on LTC for almost 3 years already. They may give us food for thought about Litecoin coin review:. However, according to its analysis, from July, the LTC will show some small but positive rises each month. Litecoin will definitely show a long-term positive balance starting from September. There are no future big crashes to expect, and investors do have to consider this currency for investment. The negative tendency under the high volatility of the prices will most probably be kept for the next couple of months.

EFA sees the potential in this cryptocurrency and, in the long run, predicts much higher returns. Below, the table shows how much it can vary:. Similar to other agencies, it sees the climb of the currency starting from September; however, Coin Price Forecast has much higher predictions than other similar platforms. As a result, this projected growth is still a bit too optimistic; however, it is possible to be true, as Litecoin has dropped more due to external factors.

At the same time, any fast upsurge was followed by as fast a fall. Generally speaking, the current upsurge seems to repeat the previous spikes in Litecoin prices. So, be ready for a further fast bearish movement during which the LTC price chart may come close to the blue trend line. MACD readings are quite interesting here. The MACD line is currently located a little below zero, but far from the support level formed on the previous big movement to the downside. In general terms, the weekly chart confirms that the current fractal is similar to the movement.

The above signals indicate that the LTC future price will go on falling, but slower than in the past few months. Most likely, it will have come close to the trend line by the middle of autumn, LTC projected value being USD by that moment. As a bearish trend is very likely to continue, short positions seem to be the best choice.

I recommend opening trades once the Litecoin price chart consolidates underneath the latest local minimum at about USD purple solid line. Stop Loss should be placed at the latest local maximum of US dollars marked with a red line in the chart. Here, you can find daily Litecoin short-term forecasts and trading signals based on the Elliott wave analysis.

Zigzag-shaped sub-waves A-B have completed within the triangle. There is now forming the descending wave C. Let us explore its initial part in the eight-hour timeframe. After the B wave completed as a simple zigzag [A]-[B]-[C], the cryptocurrency pair turned down and started declining in the C wave. The C wave should be unfolding as a double zigzag [W]-[X]-[Y], as outlined in the chart. The motive wave [W] has finished, the linking wave [X] has also completed, and the price is declining in the initial part of the final motive wave [Y], which is unfolding as a simple zigzag A - B - C , as outlined in the chart.

The [Y] wave should finish at a level of The LTC price prediction is performed based on the fact that it is one of the most appreciated cryptocurrencies globally. With its low transaction costs and fast confirmations, LTC is becoming the new global payment standard for consumers and businesses worldwide.

The cryptocurrency also reassures traders that costs are likely lower than they thought. The processing fees are far less than those incurred by credit cards and other forms of payments. Even the integration is free. As Litecoin is steadily gaining more popularity, the acceptance ratio might also increase. It is already high compared to the other newcomers. TradingBeasts estimates a far more positive tendency for LTC in rather than this year.

According to the platform, LTC will keep increasing in , suggesting that investing in the coin may be wise. Wallet Investor also forecasts the rise of the currency in It is not yet clear what causes the positive dynamic: the fast drop in or market potentials. Similar to , Litecoin will have its ups and downs.

The table below describes its monthly tendency in detail:. Summing up, all the leading experts agree that Litecoin will show only a positive tendency to grow in LTC is steadily growing in popularity, which means that the acceptance ratio might also increase. Litecoin price forecasts vary a lot. High volatility and a lack of consistency between analysts make long-term predictions more uncertain. The source forecasts the future rise of Litecoin.

January and February of are expected to have market fluctuations. However, from March to May, lower price volatility is expected. The Coin Price Forecast never changes its positive forecasts for Litecoin. After the decline in , they still leave some time for the coin to recover and, thus, do not hit too big numbers. The forecast seems quite realistic, despite some slight overestimations in calculations.

The third halving for Litecoin is set to take place in May In doing so, block rewards would be halved to 6. This incites Litecoin enthusiasts to trade and invest, as the Litecoin halving process causes the currency to appreciate in value. Litecoin could even excel above its competitors to become one of the most traded cryptocurrencies. As of now, the rewards per block are What could Litecoin be worth in 10 years? The projected value of Litecoin is highly approximate and is often no more than speculation.

Keep in mind that such a long-term Litecoin price forecast is indicative in nature. As of today, Wallet Investor has only produced Litecoin forecasts up to Compared to the opinion of other experts, these predictions are a bit higher. However, if LTC will have some upgrades in the future, the situation can be changed a lot. For two years, some drops are yet to be seen, but on average, Litecoin will only grow further.

Similar to the Wallet Investor platform, the Long Forecast platform did not predict far from today. Currently, the forecast is only available up to mid The experts see the decline in the coin all over the half of the year until a small growth is expected starting from July.

The forecasts were probably made based on the current decline of the coin, so it is too early to say how accurate they can be. Yet, investors should consider negative outcomes and declines just as much as positive waves. The platform sees only positive dynamics in the future for LTC.

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