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Bch poloniex

bch poloniex

Buy, sell, and trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), TRON (TRX), Tether (USDT), and the best altcoins in the market on the legendary crypto exchange. Торговля и графики с рыночными данными для BCH-USDC на Poloniex с торговым терминалом Cryptowatch. предложившей торговлю монетами, которые появятся в рамках хардфорка Bitcoin Cash (BCH). В ночь со среды на четверг Poloniex начнет.

Bch poloniex

Bch poloniex обмен валюта кыргызстана рубль


Bch poloniex баланс адреса биткоин


With over trading pairs and lowest fees across all cryptocurrency exchanges, we make it easy for you to trade your favorite crypto markets.

Bch poloniex Культовый журнал о биткоине, технологии блокчейн и цифровой экономике. Криптобиржа Poloniex, принадлежащая компании Circle и поддерживаемая Goldman Sachs, разозлила сторонников криптовалюты BCH, разработав собственный логотип для этой монеты. В австралийском городе Канберре в скором времени появится офис ведущей аналитической компании Chainalysis, специализирующейся на технологии распределенного реестра. В общем, сообщество Bitcoin Cash недовольно подходом биржи Poloniex к этому, как оказалось, принципиальному вопросу. Family Sharing Up to six family members will be able to use this app with Family Sharing enabled. Poloniex начинает «дофорковую» торговлю монетами новых сетей Bitcoin Cash.
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Places a sell order in a given market. Cancels an order you have placed in a given market. If successful, the method will return a success of 1. Cancels all open orders in a given market or, if no market is provided, all open orders in all markets. If successful, the method will return a success of 1 along with a json array of orderNumbers representing the orders that were canceled. Please note that cancelAllOrders can only be called 1 time per 2 minutes. Cancels an order and places a new one of the same type in two separate operations.

Meaning, the system will attempt to cancel the existing order first, which may fail or succeed. If the cancel is successful, the place will be attempted. Required POST parameters are "orderNumber" and "rate"; you may optionally specify "amount" if you wish to change the amount of the new order. Cancels an order and places a new one of the same type in a single atomic transaction, meaning either both operations will succeed or both will fail.

Immediately places a withdrawal for a given currency, with no email confirmation. In order to use this method, withdrawal privilege must be enabled for your API key. Required POST parameters are "currency", "amount", and "address". You can get information on these currencies, like fees or if they"re disabled, by adding the "includeMultiChainCurrencies" optional parameter to the returnCurrencies endpoint.

The previous method of choosing a network using the optional "currencyToWithdrawAs" parameter will continue to function as it used to, but is no longer recommended. If you are enrolled in the maker-taker fee schedule, returns your current trading fees and trailing day volume in BTC. This information is updated once every 24 hours. Returns your balances sorted by account.

You may optionally specify the "account" POST parameter if you wish to fetch only the balances of one account. Please note that balances in your margin account may not be accessible if you have any open margin positions or orders. Returns your current tradable balances for each currency in each market for which margin trading is enabled.

Please note that these balances may vary continually with market conditions. Transfers funds from one account to another e. Please note that transfers which include the futures account must include an exchange or lending account. Returns a summary of your entire margin account. Places a margin buy order in a given market. You may optionally specify a maximum lending rate using the "lendingRate" parameter.

If successful, the method will return the order number and any trades immediately resulting from your order. Places a margin sell order in a given market. Returns information about your margin position in a given market, specified by the "currencyPair" POST parameter. You may set "currencyPair" to "all" if you wish to fetch all of your margin positions at once. If you have no margin position in the specified market, "type" will be set to "none".

If you have no liquidation price, the value will be Closes your margin position in a given market specified by the "currencyPair" POST parameter using a market order. This call will also return success if you do not have an open position in the specified market. Creates a loan offer for a given currency. If successful, "message" will indicate the new autoRenew setting.

Swap fromCurrency to toCurrency if the currency pair is available and the user has enough balance to complete the transaction. Websockets can be read by any standard websocket library. Data is organized into channels to which an API client may subscribe. There are two type of requests supported; subscribe and unsubscribe.

The requests are for a specific channel. For non-book requests, the first response is always an acknowledgement of the request. All channel updates are of the following format. The sequence-id is always null for non-book channels. To receive updates from a channel you must subscribe to it. To subscribe to a public channel all except the account notifications channel , determine its channel ID provided with the description of each channel, and summarized here , send a JSON message in the following format:.

To subscribe to a private channel, the parameters described in the authentication section are required in the subscription message. Just like the trading API, an integer nonce must be chosen that is greater than the previous nonce used; for this purpose the current epoch time in milliseconds is a reasonable choice. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to multiple channels at the same time using the following format:.

You will receive an acknowledgement for each channel. If one of the channels you are subscribing to is a private channel, the authentication parameters are required. The account notifications channel id provides real-time updates of trade and balance changes on your account. It is an authenticated websocket endpoint, so subscribing to it requires the parameters discussed in the subscribing section:.

Subsequent messages represent updates to your account. In general, a message consists of a combination of updates of different types. Each update is an array of data, where the first element is a character denoting the type of the update, and subsequent elements are various parameters:. A given message may contain multiple updates, multiple types of updates, and multiple updates of the same type. There is no ordering guarantee of update types within a single message.

Effectively, each message is a record of all of the changes to your account induced by a single action. There are four types of updates, as described below:. Currency pair IDs may be found in the reference table. The order type is either 0 or 1 sell or buy. The wallet can be e exchange , m margin , or l lending. Thus, a b update representing a deduction of 0. Currency pair IDs are described here, the order type can either be 0 sell or 1 buy , the date is formatted according to the format string Y-m-d H:i:s and clientOrderId will be a string if present or null.

Thus, an n update representing a complete unfilled buy order for 2 ETH at rate 0. ClientOrderId will be a string if present or null. Thus, a m update representing a deduction of 0. Thus, an o update representing a partially filled limit order with a new amount of 1.

The fee multiplier is the fee schedule applied to the trade for instance, if a trade had a trading fee of 0. The funding type represents the funding used for the trade, and may be 0 exchange wallet , 1 borrowed funds , 2 margin funds , or 3 lending funds.

Note that while the trade ID will always be distinct, the order number may be shared across multiple t updates if multiple trades were required to fill a limit order. The date is formatted according to the format string Y-m-d H:i:s and clientOrder will be a string if present or null. A t update representing a purchase of 0. As mentioned above, a single logical action may cause a message with multiple updates. Note that many actions do not have explicit notification types, but rather are represented by the underlying trade and balance changes:.

There are currently no notifications of transfers between wallets initiated via the transfers page or the transferBalance trading API call. Subsequent responses are exchange volume update sent every 20 seconds. When no messages have been sent out for one second, the server will send a heartbeat message as follows. Absence of heartbeats indicates a protocol or networking issue and the client application is expected to close the socket and try again.

Subscribe to price aggregated depth of book by currency pair. Response includes an initial book snapshot, book modifications, and trades. Book modification updates with 0 quantity should be treated as removal of the price level. Note that the updates are price aggregated and do not contain individual orders. You can either subscribe using the currency pair ID or name. Currency pair IDs are listed in the currency pair ID list. The first response is the initial dump of the book. NOTE : An "i" message can occur after the initial subscription under certain circumstances.

When this occurs the client is required to reset the state of the price aggregated book. This is a list of currency IDs. They are used in b messages in the account notifications websockets channel, and can also be retrieved using the returnCurrencies REST call. This is a list of IDs for currency pairs. They serve as the channel IDs for price aggregated books, and are used in returned data from a few other websocket channels as well.

Listing of Antimatter. Added a full list of all multichain currencies and their contract addresses to the withdrawal API documentation. The postOnly field indicates that new orders posted to the market must be non-matching orders no taker orders.

Any orders that would match will be rejected. Mainetneance mode indicates that maintenace is being performed and orders will be rejected. Updated information on multiChain currencies and withdrawals. XMR as a base was delisted, along with other pairs. Introducing "k" killed and "p" pending order channel websocket account notifications.

Some endpoints now support using a client specified integer identifier which will be returned in http responses and "o", "t", "n" websocket messages. Include special adjustments e. Stellar inflation credits as part of the returnDepositWithdrawals response. Channel o message has been appended to include the orderType field at the end of the response. Channel t message has been appended to include the total fee and date at the end of the response respectively.

The buy and sell response will now include currencyPair and fee multiplier. Document inclusion of new depositNumber field for deposits and paymentID field for withdrawals in returnDepositsWithdrawals response. In both "marginBuy" and "marginSell", the "rate" parameter definition has been fixed. Additionally, the optional "lendingRate" parameter has been defined and a note was added about the default value and minimum setting.

The account notifications channel provides real-time updates of trade and balance changes on your account. Set the nonce to the current milliseconds. Minimize Latency If you will be performing high-frequency trading, you may wish to locate your bots as close to our servers as possible. Subsequently, Poloniex will move forward with the winning protocol once the fork is complete.

The pre-fork trading started on November 7 and will continue till November 15, when the exchange will pause all BCH deposits and withdrawals at UTC. After that, the BCH market will be disabled and all balances will be zero. Poloniex will allow withdrawals from both blockchains as soon as the network stabilizes. The exchange will also be implementing its own replay protection to broadcast replay-protected withdrawals on each chain. Customers need to ensure that all transactions are completed before the pause starts.

Poloniex will open trading and re-enable deposits and withdrawals once the networks stabilize. To know all about the rules related to trading on Poloniex, please refer to the Poloniex User Agreement. Related posts:.

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