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Dish dash sunnyvale

dish dash sunnyvale

Dish Dash | 31 отслеживающий в LinkedIn. Dish Dash is a hospitality company based out of S Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale, California, United States. Посмотрите, что ваши друзья говорят о DishDash. Excellent mediterranian/middle east restaurant in the center of Sunnyvale. We tried 4 entrees. Less-expensive, fast-food version of sit-down Dish Dash restaurant on Murphy Street location in Sunnyvale - but quality is just as top-notch!

Dish dash sunnyvale

Dishdash Обладатель не зарегистрирован. Все фото Бронирование столика. Оценки и отзывы 4,5 отзыва. Показать все сведения время приема еды, сервисы. Подступает ли этот ресторан для деловых встреч? Да Нет Не уверен а. Подступает ли этот ресторан для посещения с детьми? Подступает ли этот ресторан для огромных компаний?

Есть ли в этом ресторане столики на улице? Предлагаются ли в этом ресторане алкогольные напитки? Предлагается ли в этом ресторане пища на вынос? Практикуется ли этот ресторан на халяльных блюдах? Подступает ли этот ресторан для особенных случаев? Найдется ли в этом ресторане пригодная пища для вегетарианца? Имеется ли в этом ресторане настоящий бар? Благодарим Вас за помощь! Поделитесь иными впечатлениями перед тем, как покинуть веб-сайт.

Отзывы Написать отзыв. Отфильтровать отзывы. Оценка путников. Непревзойденно Чрезвычайно отлично Хорошо Плохо 8. Страшно 1. Тип посещения. С семьей. В одиночку. С друзьями. Язык Российский. Все языки. Российский Британский Китайский упрощ.

Остальные языки. Германский 6. Португальский 6. Японский 6. Французский 4. Испанский 3. Итальянский 3. Узнайте, что молвят путешественники:. Избранные фильтры. Перечень обновляется Отзыв написан 28 февраля г.

Дата посещения: февраль г. Отзыв написан 14 января г. Вкусно перекусить. Дата посещения: ноябрь г. Данные отзывы были переведены с британского языка с внедрением машинного перевода. Показать машинный перевод? Тут могут быть представлены переводы, выполненные с внедрением технологий Google. Компания Google не дает каких-то очевидно выраженных либо подразумеваемых гарантий в отношении переводов, включая гарантии их точности и достоверности, а также любые гарантии пригодности, соответствия назначению и отсутствия нарушений чьих-либо прав.

Отзыв написан 6 августа г. Потрясающая пища и сервис. Дата посещения: август г. Мы рассматриваем Ваше предложение. Оценить перевод Неплохой Средний Нехороший. Отзыв написан 1 августа г. Постоянно не плохое соотношение цены и свойства. Дата посещения: июль г. Открыт на данный момент - I tend to go once every few months or so. Читать дальше. Средиземноморская, Ближневосточная, Подступает для овощеедов. The restaurant was following all Covid protocols and the food was tasty with a reasonable price.

This is one of most fancy Korean restaurants. The meat quality is very good, a bit more expensive but worth it. Their spicy cold noodles are excellent. Very reasonable price, good meats and broth! Have tried the tom yum and spicy Szechuan. Service was good, food is tasty but the burrito completely fell apart, had to get a fork because it was just a total mess.

Ближневосточная, Средиземноморская, Халяль, Подступает для овощеедов. Love it! Less-expensive, fast-food version of sit-down Dish Dash restaurant on Murphy Street location in Sunnyvale - but quality is just as top-notch! Get the Lamb Shwarma Sandwich Читать дальше. Японская, Испанская, Подступает для овощеедов. After giving up on every nearby food places on a Saturday night my friend and I stumbled upon Gochi and were accommodated a table for 2 because someone cancelled their reservation.

Открыт на данный момент - Может быть закрыт. Had the beef burrito with pickled onions and both mild and spicy salsas. All were amazing and I ll definitely be headed back soon. Индийская, Халяль, Пакистанская, Подступает для овощеедов. Wow this place is hidden in the Sunnvale neighborhood. Everything was delish! The biryani that is only served on the weekends is a must try. Their dining space is well lit and has a lot of e Читать дальше.

The meat was very tender and juicy and not to mention, even the sauces all so flavorful and savory. Закрыто сейчас. Greek fries? Please add a significant portion of toum, or in my experience they just don t taste like greek fries. Японская, Суши, Азиатская, Испанская, Подступает для овощеедов. I just have to warn about the parking and that you need to show up early before opening. Вьетнамская, Азиатская, Супы, Подступает для вегетарианцев.

Dish dash sunnyvale пункт обмена валюты внуково аэропорт dish dash sunnyvale


We also ordered a mango yogurt Laban which was absolutely delicious, sort of like an upgraded Mango Lassi. I have been here quite a number of times on different occassions and have really enjoyed my dining experience. Recently, I and my wife went for a Friday dinner and the reservation really helped us get a table really fast without waiting for long.

We tried out the Tabsi with the Kufta kabab and the Zahra with the lamb cubes instead of the shank. The dishes were exquisitely delicious. It took a while to get our food, but the wait was worth it. The meat cubes were soft and melted in the mouth. Our dessert experience turned out to be not so good. We ordered Choco-lat, described as chocolate lava cake with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. It took almost 30 minutes to get it. It was probably kept too long in the oven.

To be fair, he also offered to waive off the price of the dessert item but I had already paid by then. I reckon that was just a one-time issue with one dish but overall, this is one of our favorite middle eastern restaurants and I highly recommend this place. See all photos from Suvadeep B. Super cute little spot in Murphy. Tons of outdoor seating to enjoy the nice weather plus the aesthetic outside is wonderful.

The pita is so soft and the zatar is very authentic. Got the Maza as a light lunch with some friends. Each dish was very tasty and tangy. Both were so flavorful. Kind of pricey but great atmosphere. I made a weeknight reservation, and was seated pretty quickly upon arrival.

When making the reservation, they give you the option to dine inside or out. I would recommend indoor- despite heat lamps outside, it still seemed too cold to dine out unless you would like to be more cautious during covid. The server was very friendly, and we were quickly given our drinks and warm, delicious pita bread to enjoy ahead of our meal.

I had the Shish Taouk with rice - it also came with roasted Brussel sprouts. You have the option to get this entree with basmati rice, potatoes and veggies, or freekeh. The portion size is pretty large, and the chicken was seasoned and grilled perfectly - and I mean perfectly. Get Directions. Dish N Dash - Sunnyvale. Chelokababi Persian Cuisine.

Caspian Restaurant. Dish N Dash - Cupertino. Athena Grill. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. For Businesses. Write a Review. Home Services. Auto Services. Open AM - PM. See photos. Loading interface Add Photo. Most mentioned dishes. Dish Dash. Beriani Dajaj. Lamb Shank. Shish Kebab. Chicken Shawarma. Shish Taouk. Mo King of Kebabs. Grilled Chicken Kabobs. Tika Kebab.

Get directions. Amenities and More. Takes Reservations. Offers Delivery. Offers Takeout. Vegan Options. About the Business. Ask the Community. Do they still have the chicken shwarma salad? No answers yet. Answer this question. You should ask them if they sell it : Chefs Daughter D. See 1 more answer. See all 15 questions. Recommended Reviews. Search within reviews Search within reviews. Username Location. Not good. Meenu I. Cupertino, CA.

Golden H. Elite San Diego, CA. Useful 1. Darren M. Sunnyvale, CA. Jess L. San Mateo, CA. Tabsi Kufta, Beriani Dajaj. Kashyap J. San Ramon, CA. Alyssa P. San Jose, CA. Useful 2. Funny 1. Cool 2. And I like how you can chose different bases for your meal. I was not expecting the pita to be a huge pocket full of meat lol. I think I have good reason why explained towards the end. The place is so cute, with good seating arrangements, variety of options to choose from for the main dish as well as side orders, delicious well balanced flavors and textures Definitely a bit on the pricey side, but given the quality and quantity I would say it was totally worth it.

Parking is limited but not a major issue. So if you are driving past this place it is likely that you might underestimate it just like I did. But the reason it never looked busy from the road side is because the entrance is on the side, not visible easily from the road and parking is also on the side and at the back of the restaurant. So a big underestimation on my part which I am so glad was cleared up today after driving past this place for several years.

And of course I will be visiting again and probably often. Middle eastern food is among my favorite cuisines and this place is definitely among the top 3 in the Bay Area. See all photos from J J. Chicken swarman and lamb plate was both very tasty. Big portion of food with two sides included. Took a a bit for the order to be ready, due to all of their phone orders. I ordered online, and my order was ready and sitting on the table for me to grab when I arrived.

I got the pulled chicken medium salad with falafel and tabouli. Their pulled chicken was delicious! It was flavorful, and there was plenty of it over my salad. I really liked the corn edamame salad they put over their regular salad too! The falafel was crispy and tasty, and I always love the tabouli. They also have a wide array of juices to choose from that I want to try next!

Pulled chicken medium salad with falafel and tabouli, chicken shawarma wrap in the back. Last Monday, I got a lunch at this location through door dash delivery. I got the lentil soup and falafel! The lentil soup was amazing best part!

The lamb was very dry but overall it was good. I really enjoyed all the sauces that came with the meal. It really makes up for the meal. Baklava Sweet but crispy and flaky. A bit on the smaller side! My go-to order is the Lamb Shawarma Freekeh. The lamb meat costs extra but trust me, it is worth. Tender, succulent and with unparalleled flavor. Freekeh is also a phenomenal grain - soft and fluffy like white rice, but also nutty and toothsome like barley.

Lean, nicely grilled chicken breast on a bed of fresh greens. I like the olives and feta thrown in there; gives everything a nice Mediterranean flair. The chicken msakan dark meat is a bit more indulgent, and the sumac on those roasted chicken thighs is delightful. They make falafels well - fried to crunchy perfection with a smooth, dense chickpea center. It is so exquisite dipped into the garlic tzatziki and chipotle tahini sauce. That is all. Enjoy :. Get Directions. Falafel Stop. Chelokababi Persian Cuisine.

The Halal Guys. Chaats And Currys. Caspian Restaurant. Red Pepper Express Food Truck. Is Dish N Dash - Sunnyvale currently offering delivery or takeout? Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. For Businesses. Write a Review. Home Services. Auto Services. Dish N Dash - Sunnyvale. Open AM - PM. Hours updated over 3 months ago. See photos. Loading interface Add Photo.

Most mentioned dishes. Chicken Shawarma. Lamb Shawarma. Shawarma Wrap. Lentil Soup. Beef Shawarma. Shawarma Salad. Falafel Wrap. Grilled Eggplant. Rice Plate. Chipotle Tahini. Get directions. Amenities and More. Offers Delivery. Offers Takeout.

No Reservations. Vegan Options. About the Business. Emad I. Business Owner. Ask the Community. No answers yet. Answer this question. See question details. See all 4 questions. Recommended Reviews. Search within reviews Search within reviews. Username Location. Not good. Johnny V. Elite San Jose, CA. Useful 2. Brenda L.

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