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Ethereum crowdsale

ethereum crowdsale

ICO, Crowdsale, Bounty, News memiliki anggota. По данным платформы GlassNode, число адресов в сети Ethereum Lihat Selengkapnya. Suka. Komentari. Я пытаюсь написать контракт Ethereum Crowdsale, который я пытаюсь привязать к существующему токену, который я ранее перенес в тестовую сеть. Learn about the crowdsale, the initial distribution of ether (ETH), and why wealth distribution has implications for decentralization of the world's.

Ethereum crowdsale

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Ethereum - A Crowdsale Lifecycle


This makes sense if you have something unique that a certain platform would want. For example, you might choose NXT if your token will specifically benefit that network with the feature or functionality it has. So if it makes sense to tap into multiple platforms with a unique spin for each of them and how they will benefit, then go for it.

If you are just using it as a fundraising gimmick, then think twice as you will be sniffed out and haters will attempt to destroy you even more than normal. Picking the right platform for your crowdsale can be the key to getting the right audience of investors to take notice. You really need to check out each of these and get to know what the community is like.

Each is pretty different and will be a big factor in your success. Mastercoin was the first Bitcoin 2. It has the advantage of being around the longest and led by some really smart people. The real problem with them is they only have a webclient. The best platforms have a local client that can be run to decentralize and distribute the load. This way, there is no ICANN regulated website to get hacked or turned off by some government or corporation.

This platform has a bit following in a larger market cap, but the pricing is keeping folks away. They want thousands of dollar to list your token. This is too expensive for the average person, and why should even a big company reserve a name for that price. This is a great engine, as they have a slick client application and an active development team. Regardless if you hate the controversial distribution of NXT tokens, you should look at the technology from a pure product standpoint and see how mature it is compared to other offerings.

The darling of an eccentric genus, this platform is the choice of many new assets as has the network effect of having lots of people and money involved. Projects like Golem, Augur, Gnosis, Round and many others are based on this token. The objective of these tactics is to raise as much money on the ICO for the least amount of cost.

This limits the risk on the project and gets the most bang for the buck. A referral program that incentivize BOTH the friend and referrer is ideal as it creates a role for each and a mechanism to turn investors into paid advocates. All unique urls have the same landing page and redirect from icosite.

Referral is tracked as Goals in Google Analytics or other solutions where data is merged between web referrer traffic and internal ICO sales database. This is the same model that made some mainstream sites massive and is perfect for the network effect peer to peer nature of cryptocurrency projects. Done right, this is the cheapest and most effective way to turn your investors into an army of promoters. A lot of ICOs are working with 3rd parties and other custom solutions for the actual token creation and accepting payments from Bitcoin, ETH and others.

When this is the case, you have to merge your web data with the sales data from the 3rd party, as most likely your ICO landing page is going to be hosted on www. Otherwise, if you are doing it yourself you can setup your tracking like this… Front End html Components Needed:.

Investor Account Registration Page ie icoxzy. Dashboard Page ie icoxzy. ICO Buying Page ie icoxzy. Put GA general tracking codes on all pages. Setup GA Goal and put tracking pixel code on payment confirmation page might be on 3rd party, have to contact them. The more eyeballs the better, of course acquiring paying customers is the ultimate goal, but hooking users to your blockchain is the top priority after ICO.

There are going to be so many competing blockchains that your project needs to stand out from the rest. Even just collecting email addresses can be a good start to building your userbase. Remember that users are also investors, so you have to keep them interested in your project and show growth…or at least tell a good story. Study how equity prices can levitate when investors believe in the story. For example, look at how Tesla and Amazon can lose money every quarter but the stock price keeps going up.

These companies have charmed their investors into believing a narrative, this is exactly what you need to do! The easiest way to grow your userbase is to find ways to convert fiat currencies, ie united states dollars into your cryptocurrency. This is the best way to grow because their is an almost unlimited amount of printed national fiat currencies available worldwide. If your cryptocoin is only traded against Bitcoin then there is a fairly finite amount of money that can actually be invested into it.

From the very beginning investors need to be coddled and handheld to keep believing in you and eventually turned into advocates that will refer their friends and defend against attacks. Competing projects will denounce and smear you, calling your chain a scam.

Investors will hear their scam claims and start to question. Always over communicate with your investors as you want to keep them in the loop and coming to you for information, not letting their imagination run wild from the rumor mills. Most importantly, communicate consistently, this is a marathon not a sprint, and requires ongoing attention to detail.

What is a Crowdsale? How about Some Fun Facts about us? Our Team With employees abroad in Asia and Europe we work at all hours to take advantage of time. Who are we anyway? Team Leader View Profile. Paid Advertising. Affiliate Networks. Social Media. Senior Manager View Profile. She resides in Asia and works day hours.

Project Management. Offline Marketing. Viral Marketing. Joy is a certified social media wizard. She is the ultimate online communicator, and she knows how to pull all the strings. She is the viral mastermind that helps guide the rest of the team. Her commitment to excellence is shown in all of her work. Social Media Management.

ICO Marketing. Niche and mainstream advertising networks exposure. Referral Programs. What we offer Private and public affiliate deals. Help with analytic setups to ensure excellent tracking. Proven experience in webmastering and reporting. Technical ICO Consulting. Technical ICO Recommendations: vanbex. Are you ready to start a conversation? Get in Touch. Contact email: phil -at- crowdsale. Crowdsale DIY. Crowdsale Ideals and Concepts of Liberty The whole concept behind a crowdsale or initial coin offering or ICO is to bring investing to the common man.

Dictionary Crowdsale Definition A crowdsale is the use of cryptocurrency to release an asset, like a stock equity, or software token that is required for a particular application to work. The Crowdsale Token The token is the cryptocurrency that is tied to the value of the crowdsale. Types of Crowdsale Tokens Revenue Share Token This type of token is linked to a known revenue stream, wherein the token holder will get a percentage of the revenue based on how many tokens he has.

Software Access Token This type is a piece of the software or technology used to make it function. Pegged Tokens These are tokens that are pegged to some real or imagined physical good or service. Hybrid Cryptocurrency Token There are a number of other ways to think about what a token represents and why someone would want it. Crowdsale Objectives and Goals The objectives everyone should be interested in is how much money can you raise. The crowdsale acts as two things: To raise money To raise awareness This second feature is massively powerful in getting a large audience that can consume your product, or advocate it.

DIY Crowdsale You can totally do a crowdsale yourself these days. Product Pitch Deck This is a document or presentation that describes your product or service. Crowdsale Pitch Deck This can be part of your Product Pitch Deck later, but first, think about this as a separate function. Crowdsale Economics Understanding the economics of a crowdsale is extremely important.

These factors include token creation rate, premine amount, coin amount given to founders, etc… Understanding Token Creation Rate This is an extremely important concept. Premine Amount and Release Schedule This is the amount that the developer of the coin will have ownership over. Crowdsale Length Typically, you want to have it be between 7 — 60 days. One week would be for something really hot, and you could capture a large amount of people who are willing to spend money. Up to 60 days for projects that need more time to attract different groups of people.

Typically, this works good for an in-person roadshow, where the management can shop around different angel investor clubs without running out of time. Anything beyond 60 days and you risk people forgetting about you and moving on. Early Investor Rewards Many times, it makes sense to have a crowdsale give out a bigger portion at the beginning then be reduced over time to the deadline.

The advantage is that you will get the party started, and so when people see that there is already investment money coming in, they will want to invest. Your goal is to get people to act immediately, as the fear of missing out will seemingly give them more pain if they wait.

Be careful of the curve of your pricing. For example, if you give out per unit at the beginning and at the end, this 5 times fold will greatly reduce the amount of sales you get at the end. People will see that others got it 5 times cheaper and will resent your project. Bitcoin Community Perception of Token Creation The crypto community will turn on you in an instant if you try and cheat and steal. Executing the Crowdsale Once you decide about the crowdsale economics and other details, then you need to pick the platform you want to raise money in.

Why Crowdsale across multiple Cryptocurrencies You might choose to use multiple platforms to increase the amount of money and awareness. Crowdsale Platforms Picking the right platform for your crowdsale can be the key to getting the right audience of investors to take notice. Mastercoin now Omni Mastercoin was the first Bitcoin 2. Counterparty The real problem with them is they only have a webclient. What is ether ETH? Use Ethereum. Search away! Ethereum developer resources A builders manual for Ethereum.

By builders, for builders. Learn Ethereum development Read up on core concepts and the Ethereum stack with our docs. Learn through tutorials Learn Ethereum development step-by-step from builders who have already done it. Start experimenting Want to experiment first, ask questions later? Set up local environment Get your stack ready for building by configuring a development environment.

About these developer resources ethereum. Plus there are tutorials to get you up and running. Help us make ethereum. Explore the documentation. Introductions Intro to Ethereum An introduction to blockchain and Ethereum Intro to Ether An introduction to cryptocurrency and Ether Intro to dapps An introduction to decentralized applications Intro to the stack An introduction to the Ethereum stack Web2 vs Web3 How the web3 world of development is different Programming languages Using Ethereum with familiar languages.

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