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Venture capital investment

venture capital investment

Learning Objectives · Knowledge of basic concepts of venture management, venture capital investment methods and tools · Ability to creatively solve practical. Investing in innovative and fast-growing Russian technology companies is one of VTB Capital Investment Management top priorities. Our venture business has. Thus, venture capitalists find SMEs to be ill-prepared for investment and view them as risky and costly. This book analyses the conventional venture capital.

Venture capital investment

Our venture business has invested over USD million in 38 companies from rapidly growing sectors within the Russian economy. These include cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, energy efficiency and e-commerce. We expect growing demand for unique technologies and innovative business models specifically tailored for different industries. VTB Capital has no obligation to update this information and may cease provision of this information at any time and without notice.

The information and opinions described herein may be based on VTB Capital research reports that have already been published and made available to research customers. Accordingly, members or clients of the VTB Group may have acted upon or used the information or conclusions contained in this research report, or the research or analysis on which they are based, before its publication.

This material does not constitute nor is it intended as an offer, inducement, promotion or solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities, investments or other financial instruments. Neither the information contained in the report nor any future information made available with the subject matter contained in the report will form the basis of any contract.

VTB Capital is not acting as a fiduciary. Accordingly, VTB Capital is under no obligation to, and shall not, determine the suitability for you of any transaction described herein. You must determine, on your own behalf or through independent professional advice, the merits, terms, conditions and risks of any transaction described herein. Any reference to past performance of securities or other financial instruments is for informational purposes only and does not imply or indicate future results.

VTB Group entities do and seek to do business with companies referenced in research reports. Thus, investors should be aware that the VTB Group may have a conflict of interest that could affect the objectivity of this research report. Disclosures on the companies referenced in this report can be obtained by accessing the following webpages:. Мобильное приложение.

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